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Sion, Belo Horizonte 

R. Patagônia - Sion, Belo Horizonte - MG, Brazil

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Valis Volkova

Hello, I’m Valis! I’m actually a nice girl in ‘real life’, although for your own safety, might be a good idea to avoid shooting me in the light of the full moon. (Just in case the wolf rumours are true! 😛 )

I work with photographers of all skill levels: whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist or full-time professional, I treat everybody equally and I always give it my all for every shoot. I have been working professionally as a model and actress since the age of 18, so I am very experienced and can bring a lot to the table. The majority of shoots I do my own make-up and wardrobe styling. I have great relationships with latex and clothing designers, so my bag is usually equipped with one-off handmade designs, that go back to the designer afterwards and swapped for other things. (This means that I won’t wear the same thing too many times for photoshoots.) I adore having creative input and can help out with lighting etc, although I’m quite happy to stand still, keep quiet and let you get on with the shoot too if you’d prefer. Either way, I’m laid back, friendly and enthusiastic. 🙂

Despite bathing in the blood of virgins, I don’t take myself seriously AT ALL! I’m not the sort of girl to complain about how I look in a photo, because I don’t care if it fits the brief and the client is happy.

If you’d like to work with me, send me a message! I won’t bite. Wink Due to being bogged down with shoots, I am only able to take on paid assignments these days. I also do quite a bit of travelling, so if you’d like me to come and do a ‘Studio Tour’ in your area, please let me know!